Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NYC: The Crack Cocaine of Christmas Connoisseurs

It starts out slow enough. Halloween, another pretty well-celebrated event in New York City, just eeks by and the preparations begin. In the doorways, pumpkins fade to wreaths, firs, and holly. In the parks, naked trees arise overnight. A few bars start stringing lights. A few streets and storefronts as well. A somewhat subtle beginning. But then comes Thanksgiving - and once that passes, all bets are off.

Suddenly, the bars are aflood with lights and rife with decor of every description. Bells and nutcrackers and angels and ornaments and santas and gingerbread men and snowflakes and holiday music everywhere you go, growing every day. Some bars go so overboard that you cannot see an inch of ceiling. The Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park Tree Lightings occur, caroling events are held throughout the city, the christmas parties begin. Oh, the sadness of being Jewish or Muslim at a time like this! Talk about missing the boat!

December begins and there are "holiday walks" through the city to see the world-renowned department store windows, the buildings flash their lights and sing christmas music on a loop to passerbys, trees go on sale on every street corner throughout the city, car-sized christmas ornaments appear in the middle of corporate plazas, seasonal christmas markets spring up in the squares, proffering hot apple cider and gluehwein. It is literally impossible to be a bah humbug and live here... unless of course you refuse to leave your matchbox-sized apartment for two months.

It is genuinely magical in the city this time of year, a true holiday high. Come one come all christmas lovers to the City to get your fix! (And please god let them not do Valentine's Day this way!)

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